Norbert Wiener

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Norbert. The Prodigy child.
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Young Wiener (the 1920-th).

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In 1948, Professors Wiesner, Lee and Wiener discussing the first electronic correlator.
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Professors Wiesner and Lee were instrumental in translating Wiener's theory into practical applications.
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MIT. In auditorium.
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Mid-1950s. Professors Yuk W. Lee and A. Bose convinced Wiener to present a series of lectures.

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1955. Professor Wiener, Dr. John Barlow, and Professor Walter Rosenblith observe the autocorrelation function of brain waves.

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Sketch by unknown author.
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Norbert Wiener was one of the recipients of the National Medal of Science, presented in January 1964 by President L. B. Johnson.
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